Mon artiste

Mr. Par-eeeee is artiste!
See zee ers-shattering painting?
Is Mr. Pareee’s!

Mr. Paree eat zee meatballs only,
He send ze spaghetti back –
So hungry is he - for – zee - Essence!
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"Enter Ye as a Child to the Kingdom of Heaven" -Jesus


"Our very life depends on everything
'til we answer
from within"
(Robert Frost)
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From "Why God Sent Guillermo" (alt. "Señor Pelvis")

“Me encanta the way you dance,” Guillermo told me the night Lisa introduced us at that dart bar that played heartland rock and pseudoflamenco. “Enchanting!” For you monolinguals, “Ghee-Yermo” is how he said it - but in Guillermo’s night life, everyone called him Señor Pelvis. His lithe hips writhed toward me in faded jeans and an antique steer belt buckle. His shirt was short-sleeved, a faint, restrained plaid, open deep enough to reveal the gold manatee and a small slew of other charms nesting in his thatch of black chest hair.

HEAR MORE stories on Saturday, March 8 (3-8-08!)
The Book Cellar
(Merchants of fine literature, beer and wines!)
4736 N. Lincoln, Chicago at 7 pm
A fiction fest with Elizabeth Crane (author of three books including "When the Messenger is Hot") and Spencer Dew (author of "Songs of Insurgency," new from Vagabond Books).



(Guru Elizabeth "Nana" Shineflug)

I love you Nana!